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Queer Tango Seminar: 

From beginner to the Milonga in ONE MONTH

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and cultural immersion with our beginner-friendly Tango introduction series, designed to equip you with the foundational steps and techniques to navigate the dance floor with confidence.


This series is designed for individuals with little or no prior Tango experience who are eager to explore the dance and its rich cultural heritage. No partner is required, as we will rotate partners throughout the sessions to foster a sense of community and inclusivity. Location: Monterey Park (The exact address will be provided upon registration)

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Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives

By the end of the series, participants will be able to:

  • Master the basic steps of Tango, including forward and backward walks, turns, and ochos.

  • Develop proper Tango posture, balance, and footwork.

  • Understand the principles of partner connection and leading and following roles.

  • Appreciate the rhythm and musicality of Tango.

  • Apply learned techniques to confidently participate in milongas (social Tango gatherings).


The total investment for the 4-week series is $120, which includes all instruction, and 1 hour practica at the end of the series. 

Individual Class: $35 per class (includes all practicas)

Full Series Package: $120 (includes all 4 classes and practicas)

Early Bird Discount: $100 (for enrollment before December 24th) You can pre-pay using Venmo @KaterineRicardo – to the “what it is for” question answer: January’s Series.

Students Full Series Package: $60 with Students ID (includes all 4 classes and practicas)

Embark on a transformative Tango journey and experience the joy of this captivating dance. Enroll in our beginner-friendly series today

You can pre-pay using Venmo: @KaterineRicardo

Or Zelle:

(213) 442 - 9488

To the “what it is for” question, reply: Tango Serie or Early Bird if applicable.

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