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Hear It From My Students

Brilliant environment with an even more brilliant teacher! Kind, welcome, and open QueerTangoLA is a phenomenal space to learn tango! You will learn the steps and technique, meet the loving community and learn about the deep and rich history of tango. Couldn’t have found a better group of people, spearheaded by the enormously talented Katerine Ricardo!

Katie McNamara 

This is a great place for low-stress, intimate learning and socializing. The space is cozy, warm, and welcoming. I’m grateful that there is a queer tango studio on the east side of LA!
Long live queer tango!

Sarah Donelan

Wonderful instructor who is knowledgeable about body mechanics and can explain movements and feelings in the body clearly. Also a safe space to build skills and explore energies of both Lead & Follow roles to really gain a holistic experience of Tango without fear of judgement. A really empowering atmosphere to grow and expand horizons.

Ed Lee

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