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Queer Tango Seminar Level 2 

Deepen Your Connection

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Welcome back, dancers, and welcome aboard new friends! This seminar picks up where Level 1 left off in the January and March Seminars. We'll level up your moves, help you express yourself better, and get you feeling that connection with your partner and the music. 


  • This seminar is designed for those who completed our Level 1 course (January and March's Series) and are ready to take their Tango to the next level.

  • Newcomers with basic Tango experience (comfortable with walking, ochos, and simple turns) are also welcome to join!

No partner is required, as we will rotate partners throughout the sessions to foster a sense of community and inclusivity. Location: Monterey Park (The exact address will be provided upon registration)

What will we learn?

  • Refine your technique: We'll revisit and refine the foundational steps you learned in Level 1, focusing on posture, balance, and footwork for smoother execution.

  • Embrace musicality: Delve deeper into the rhythm and phrasing of Tango music. Learn to interpret and express the emotion of the music through your dance.

  • Advanced turns and footwork: Explore new variations of ochos, giros (turns), and add some playful embellishments to your vocabulary.

  • Connection & Communication: Discover ways to establish a deeper connection with your partner through refined embrace and body language.


$150 The total investment for the 4-week series: Which includes all instruction, 30 minutes of practice, 15 minutes of private feedback by the instructor, and entrance to the June milonga. 

$120 Early Bird Discount: (for enrollment before June 1st) You can pre-pay using Venmo @KaterineRicardo – to the “What it is for” question answer: Early bird.

$40 Individual Class: per class (includes practice, and 15 minutes of private feedback by the instructor.

$80 Student Full Series Package: (with Student ID) Includes all 4 classes and practices,15 minutes of private feedback by the instructor.

 Enroll in our beginner-friendly series today

You can pre-pay using Venmo: @KaterineRicardo

Or Zelle:

(213) 442 - 9488

To the “what it is for” question, reply: June Seminar or Early Bird if applicable.

(The exact address will be provided upon registration)

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